Jun. 10th, 2011

It’s Friday!

And I have some videos for you!

» Baa


An insane, insane little video created by a freelance animator from Brighton, UK, known as Cyriak. He has numerous other videos on their channel and they are equally bizarre. (Also: he created several promo bumps for Comedy Central’s Adult Swim.) Fantastic!
Discovered by Mike T.

» Drifting kids

Drifting kids

Some impressive precision driving for a 5 or 6 year old. Crazy!
Sent in by Ashy.

» 3-Way Street

3-Way Street

“By summer 2010, the expansion of bike lanes in NYC exposed a clash of long-standing bad habits — such as pedestrians jaywalking, cyclists running red lights, and motorists plowing through crosswalks.”

» Full version slow mo Carlton Draught ad

Full version slow mo Carlton Draught ad

[self explanatory]
Sent in by Miko C.

» Unprepared For Test Drive

Unprepared For Test Drive

“Test driving a Jaguar XKR may be old hat for the driver but the passenger was not quite as ready.”
Uh: no kidding.

Have a happy Friday and an excellent weekend.