Apr. 8th, 2011


Here you go…

» Best of a Normal Day

Best of a Normal Day

An offshoot of the pong master videos, these are referred to as “Normal Day tricks”. It’s kind of fascinating.

» Flula in Germany

Flula in Germany

Doing…. ssstuff…??!

» Pyromaniac On Wheels

Pyromaniac On Wheels

Definitely do not try this at home (even though it looks amazing.)

» 1984 News Story on Debut of the Compact Disc (CD)

1984 News Story on Debut of the Compact Disc (CD)

[self explanatory]
Ahhhh the mid-80s. This is technically 1985, but still a ridiculous story.
Also: This guy sure likes re-organizing his music collection… verrrry… ssssslowlyyy…

Bonus Video:

» Bacon Cologne

Bacon Cologne


Here’s to a lovely weekend [clink!]