Mar. 25th, 2011

Friiiiiday! At last.

And here we go!

» Le Flâneur

Le Flâneur

a.k.a.: Exquisite time-lapse video of Paris created by Luke Shepard. Very well done.

» Two Dogs Dining

Two Dogs Dining


» Lynx Excite Angel Ambush London Victoria

Lynx Excite Angel Ambush London Victoria

Lynx is the UK’s version of Axe body spray. This is a neat augmented reality promo.
Sent in by Traci T.

» 12-year-old Pong Master

12-year-old Pong Master

“I know how he spent his spring break: alone in his house, throwing ping pong balls into cups of water.”
No kidding. Crazy.

Bonus Video:

» World’s Largest LEGO Great Ball Contraption

World's Largest LEGO Great Ball Contraption

So it turns out there are things called “LEGO Great Ball Contraptions”, and this is the largest one in the world (made of Lego.) Crazy!

Have a great weekend Friday people.


Mar. 18th, 2011

Phew! It’s finally Friday!

Here is some Friday viewing…

» Star Trek: What’s in Spock’s Scanner

Star Trek: What's in Spock's Scanner

Spacebook, you say…
Sent in by Simon B.

» Orelha Negra – M.I.R.I.A.M. X Vhils

Orelha Negra - M.I.R.I.A.M. X Vhils

Artwork created by embedded explosives. It’s certainly unique.

» 1 million fps video of bullets

1 million fps video of bullets

I have no idea how they got some of these shots. Crazy.

» College Humor: Forgotten 80’s Videogames

College Humor: Forgotten 80's Videogames

“They couldn’t all be Mario.”
Some hilarious ideas in this.
Sent in by Bonnie D.

Bonus Video:

» Inception in 60 Seconds

Inception in 60 Seconds

An odd 18th century retelling of inception.
Sent in by Stef G.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mar. 11th, 2011

Hello and welcome back to Friday!

Here: watch stuff!!

» Girl Walk // All Day

Girl Walk // All Day

Some great public, impromptu dance interpretation to tracks from Girl Talk’s “All Day” album. Just shy of 8 minutes of pure joy.

» Eclectic Method – The King’s Remix

Eclectic Method - The King's Remix

Funny. Smart.

» Conan O’Brien Kinetic Typography

Conan O'Brien Kinetic Typography

Conan’s farewell speech made on his last day hosting the tonight show, rendered in typography.
It made me a bit dizzy but it was still great.

» Making Books Is Fun! (to watch)

Making Books Is Fun! (to watch)

How books are printed and bound, circa 1947. What a difference 64 years makes.

» Inside A Google Auto-Driving Car

Inside A Google Auto-Driving Car


Happy Friday everybody.


Mar. 4th, 2011

Can you believe it’s actually Friday? Fantastic.

Here we go.

» Carlin Step by DJ Steve Porter & DJ Eli Wilkie

Carlin Step by DJ Steve Porter & DJ Eli Wilkie

Steve Porter of the “Slap Chop” remix fame.

» Lake Tahoe Milky Way Night Time Lapse

Lake Tahoe Milky Way Night Time Lapse


» Unbelievable Acrobat Performance

Unbelievable Acrobat Performance

As broadcast recently on China’s CCTV1. Impressive. And: Ow.
Sent in by Kath P.

» Lego Antikythera Mechanism

Lego Antikythera Mechanism

A really impressive reconstruction of the 2000+ year old Greek celestial calculation device.

Bonus Video:

» Justin Bieber Shot on CSI…What REALLY happened

Justin Bieber Shot on CSI...What REALLY happened

I can’t help it, it made me laugh.
Sent in by Miko C.

Happy Friday everybody.