Apr. 9th, 2010

Holy cow: It’s Friday!

Here is your Friday viewing.

» Dueling Carls

Dueling Carls

An iPhone app called “Talking Carl” argues with itself, to hilarious effect.
You may want to watch the volume on this one. 🙂

» Soemon: Lateralus

Soemon: Lateralus

Soemon is a Japanese 8-piece Koto ensemble. In this video they perform Tool’s “Lateralus” to extremely dramatic effect.
Sent in by Miko (a fellow Tool fan.)

» If Lady Gaga Weren’t Famous

If Lady Gaga Weren't Famous


» Master of Business Card Throwing

Master of Business Card Throwing

I know. Sounds ridiculous. Check out this Samsung-sponsored video.
Nobody has mentioned this guy’s name but this is pretty impressive.

Happy Friday! More next week. Promise.