Feb. 26th, 2010

Friday again! And here are some odd little videos for you.

» Drunken Cooking Show

Drunken Cooking Show

[self explanatory]
Hilarious. Also: how long can this last? Drunk people with knives? Good lord.
Sent in by The Stoob™.

» Google Liquid Galaxy Demo at TED

Google Liquid Galaxy Demo at TED

This has been making the rounds. This is a project that was put together by a Google staffer on what the company calls “20 percent time”, used for personal projects. Crazy!
Great coverage here.

» Dumbfoundead – Jam Session 2.0

Dumbfoundead - Jam Session 2.0

A live, international jam session. Not a bad little track either. You can download the mp3 there as well.

» Hexacopter


I want one!

Happy Friday!