July 30th, 2021

Hellooooo Friday!

We made it again you guys! I hope you are all doing okay. What a month.

Readyyyyy? Go!

Mike Dawes – Jump (Van Halen) Solo Acoustic Guitar

“When I was 14 I heard Eddie Van Halen play for the first time and his playing changed my world. From transcribing his iconic ‘Beat It’ solo at school to attempting his signature techniques on the acoustic guitar.”

This guy is good! I’d never heard of him before. Really talented. Great tone. Really diverse player.

Galley Diaries #1 – Food Prep on a Super Yacht

From YouTuber TheCrewChef aka Nina Wilson.

She walks usthrough the maintenance of the galley, ingredients, prep, plating and serving.

I could not do this job, and it’s one I was considering doing for a while.

Machine learning breakthrough: Robot runs a 5k

“The OSU Dynamic Robotics Laboratory’s research team, led by Agility Robotics’ Jonathan Hurst, combined expertise from biomechanics and robot controls with new machine learning tools to accomplish something new: train a bipedal robot to run a full 5K on a single battery charge!”

Meet “Cassie”.

Note:: not about speed. More about endurance.

When you’re bored in The Sims so you create 298 clones of the same character

This Irish Twitch funny guy “RTGame

He is funny. He does funny things in a variety of games but this particular sequence made my day.

And look at that! Friday Videos. Sorted!

Happy Friday! Stay safe this (long?) weekend.


July 23rd, 2021

Welcome Friday fans!

It finally feels like real Summer where I live. That took a while to get here.

I hope you’re all doing well.

Video time!

The Skateboard caramel snack!

From master baker Amaury Guichon, who makes several other creative desserts!


7777 Days

“The images for this video were prepared and transformed by Michael Notter.”

This artistic rendering is part of Noah Kalina’s “Everyday” project where he takes a self portrait literally every day for (no joke) 20 years.

Original timelapse here.

Stand Here for Dance Party

“We surprised random people with an unexpected 100-person dance party on the streets of NYC.”

From Improv Everywhere (of course.)

Burj Khalifa – Platform inspection top of the spire Andy Veall

These are two workers, with seemingly no safety gear or parachutes, investigating the top platform of the Burj Khalifa, at a height of 2,722 ft (829.8 m.)


And there we go! Alllll video’d up!

Happy Friday everybody. Stay safe out there.


July 16th, 2021

Happy Friday!

We made it again to another Friday. And it’s hot where I live. And things are slowly opening back up where I live. I hope things are okay wherever you are. We’re making it through this year.

And we have videos!

CopterPack First Flight

There is, of course, a website.

Not a lot of information. Battery life. Range. Emergency battery loss flight recovery. You know: the basics. 🙂

Still looks pretty cool.

The Kiffness – Numnum Cat (International Mashup)

“Once again, a cat brings people from around the world together in music!”

The original is adorable (and only 5 seconds long.) This is an awesome use of that segment.

Online Video Tutorial

A series of clips of people introducing their extremely varied instructional videos.

It’s so all over the place. I love it.

A 1 Kilometer “Ball Drop” On Solar System Bodies

“This animation shows a ball dropping from 1000 meters to the surface of each object, assuming no air resistance. This should give an idea for the pull you would feel on each object.”

From Dr James O’Donoghue.

Come onnnnn Ceres!!

And there we go. Allll video’d up for your Friday!

Have a great weekend everybody. Stay safe!


July 9th, 2021


Another week down. And where I live we’re slowly seeing things open back up again. Stay super safe everybody!

Also today I got my 2nd Covid-19 vaccine. Now to just wait out the 2 weeks for my immune system to learn martial arts.

It’s video time!!

The Seinfeld Theme Mixed With A Hit Song From Every Year Seinfeld Was On TV

This is definitely a gimmick, but holy cow it is executed extremely well. The video editing is awesome as well. A collaboration from “Seinfeld Current Day” and The Hood Internet, who I’ve featured here before.

Well done.

The Science Of Firework Color

A quick little doc about the chemicals that create different colours in fireworks. Nicely done.

How many robots does it take to run a grocery store?

“In Ocado’s grocery warehouses, thousands of mechanical boxes move on the Hive. Are they all individual robots? Or is this one giant hive mind?”

Chocolate Statue of Liberty!

“This new chocolate creation is very dear to me!

“It weighs 115lbs and peak at 7ft, it is my highest showpiece yet.”

From chocolatier Amaury Guichon. Holy crap.

And there we have it: Friday Videos all wrapped up.

Thanks for playing along at home everybody. Stay safe, Happy Friday, and have an excellent weekend.

See you next week.


July 2nd, 2021

Helloooooo Friday!

We made it! I hope.

We’re officially halfway through 2021! We’re getting there everybody. Step by step.

Video time!

The flying car completes first ever inter-city flight

“AirCar, a dual-mode car-aircraft vehicle moved closer to production this week, fulfilling a key development milestone in a 35-minute flight from the international airport in Nitra to the international airport in Bratislava on June 28th, 2021”


From the company Klein-Vision.

You can’t buy one yet, but clearly it’s on the way. Interesting.

Spot’s On It

“We’re thrilled to be part of the Hyundai Motor Group! And we’re celebrating with a dance to BTS’s ‘IONIQ: I’m On It.'”

Boston Dynamics robot coreography.

Actually, really beautiful. Must have taken weeks (at least) of effort. Wow.

Aerial Sheep Herding in Yokneam

A timelapse-ish aerial drone video shot in Yokne’am Illit, Israel.


Perfect Oreo Separation

Using a vacuum chamber. Of course. Naturally.

And there we go. Videos! Friday. Videos.

… Friday Videos!

Happy Friday! See you next week.


June 25th, 2021

Welcome back to Friday!!

This week seemed to go really quickly. I’m okay with that. We’re almost halfway through the year!!

Video time.

How North Korea Made the Perfect Counterfeit $100 Bill

How North Korea created what are commonly referred to as “Super Dollars”.

The Squirrel Feeding Machine (Rube Goldberg Machine) | Creezy

“I built a chain reaction machine to feed the squirrels in my backyard. It turns out squirrels aren’t the only animals that eat seeds and nuts!”

See also the extremely complicated “Squirrel Maze 2.0” from Mark Rober.

Exploding Actresses

[self explanatory]

Ringling Bros. – How to be A CLOWN

An instructional video from 1987.

It’s long! Over an hour. Yiiiiiikes.

Awriiiiiight. Videos allll wrapped up.

I hope you’re all as well as you can be.

Stay safe out there, and see you next Friday.


June 18th, 2021


Apologies for the delay. This week was pretty slammed. But it’s the last Friday of Spring 2021! Summer arrives on Sunday!

We’re getting there everybody!

Ok video time let’s gooooo….

Tom Cardy: Big Breakfast

Yes, I am starting to investigate TikTok.

This guy is silently huge! I’d never heard of him before. He’s great. He’s funny!

Sail Away – Vidukon 2021

“big boat got stuck.”

A summary edit of the struggle of the Ever Given ship in the Suez Canal.

Well done.

Trigger warning: Enya

Best of Web 5 – HD – Zapatou

I normally do not post videos like this. They don’t need the extra views (4.4 million as I write this.) But holy crap YouTube is full of crazy stuff.

Sourced from over 180 yuoutube videos (and credited) this is a pretty great, crazy, unbelievable compilation of people and animals being awesome.

I thought we could use that right now.

82 Year Old Grandma Drives her Porsche 911 GT3 RS Flat-Out at Monza Circuit!

“It’s not every day you see an old lady driving a Porsche 911 GT3 RS and going flatout around a racetrack!

“She’s Sonja M. Heiniger and she’s 82 year old!” (sic)

A great little video!

And there we go! Friday Videos!!! Whuuuuuhoooooo!

Happy Friday everybody. See you next week.


June 11th, 2021

Welcome back to Friday!

Phew this was a fast week (for me) which I am okay with.

But here we are! And it’s video time!

Let’s go…

Playing With Time

From odd YouTube channel “Macro Room” which has other mind-bending videos.

Clever, clever editing.

518 pieces of Jenga on 1 (Timelapse)

“Watch how Captain Noodles build a massive 518-piece Jenga Tower!”

No joke this gives me anxiety!

Wwwwow insane.

Elmore Flies Again – First EVER #FPV Drone Wedding | Watch a Wedding in a Stately Home from 360°

“Fun and fabulous stately home & sustainable #weddingvenue in Gloucestershire Elmore Court lifts off as a new dawn beckons for post covid events…”

Odd music choices here but wwwwwow the footage. How many test flights before they shot this? Must have been quite a few.

It was shot by the staff of the estate (it’s featured on the estate’s website.)


“A refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day.”

If that lemonade is made from felt animated lemons.

From YouTube animator Andrea Love.

Well done.

Making the rounds somewhat.

Also I love actual Lemonade!

Ta daaaaa! Friday videos! Allll wrapped up.

Have a Happy Friday and a most excellent weekend.

See you next week.


June 4th, 2021

Happy Frriiiiidayyyyy!!

And welcome to the first Friday Videos edition of June 2021. Huzzah!

Video time!

This Dog Can “Talk” To Her Owner | Mashable

“Bunny, a Sheepadoodle, took TikTok by storm after using AAC, or Augmentative Alternative Communication, to “speak” with her owner.”

This is amazing.

There is also an Instagram to follow.

My cat has developed a vocabulary of around 10 “words” (based on cat vocalizations.) Almost all food related but also pretty specific.

I love this breakthrough.

THE VOYAGE – Bark Europa sails 10000 nautical miles from Ushuaia to Scheveningen

“In the first half of 2020, Bark Europa sailed nonstop from Argentina to the Netherlands amid the Covid-19 breakout and ongoing international restrictions and port lockdowns. This was the longest nonstop voyage she has ever done, over 10000 nautical miles, starting in Ushuaia in the southern tip of Argentina all the way to the her home port, Scheveningen in the Netherlands. This video is the first hand account fo the life on board during this voyage.”

This is amazing. You see a lot of teamwork and mutual support throughout this video. It’s a harrowing journey but this group makes it with good humor and a lot of professionalism. I could not do this.

Why do honeybees love hexagons?

“Honeybees are some of nature’s finest mathematicians. Not only can they calculate angles and comprehend the roundness of the earth, these smart insects build and live in one of the most mathematically efficient architectural designs around: the beehive.”

Sent along by Tianna S.

Before Beta: Sony’s 1969 “Camcorder”

“14 years before the first camcorder hit the market, Sony put out a machine that promised to be everything the camcorder would be. It wasn’t.”

From YouTuber Cathode Ray Dude, who does deep dives on some truly bizarre vintage home video equipment.

And there we have it. Friday Videos!

Stay safe and dry this weekend. Happy Friday!


May 28th, 2021

It is Friday!

It is the last Friday in May!

It is Video Time!!

I hope you’re all well. Let’s begin…

Abandoned Store Left in 1963 | Everything is Still Inside

This is the “153 Mile Store” located in Williams Lake, in the interior of British Columbia.

The store is immaculate and has a crazy array of products in it in virtually untouched condition.

There is a movement underway to declare it a Canadian Heritage Site.


Restoring a 85-year-old Leica camera

This is an amazing deep dive into how to take apart, clean, mildly improve, and reassemble a classic, vintage, iconic film camera.

The guy definitely knows what he’s doing.

Engineer Explains Every Roller Coaster For Every Thrill | A World of Difference

That engineer being one Korey Kiepert.

From Wired.

Really well presented.

Also: I miss roller coasters.

Mob Psycho 100 – Opening | 99

The animation reminds me somewhat of Cyriak only definitely smothered with Anime flourishes.

Recommended by Ana D.

There we go! Simple as that!

Happy Friday! And have an excellent weekend.