July 20th, 2018

And we’re back.

It’s Friday!

And video time!

And go!

A new film by Peter Jackson

Jackson is restoring very old footage from World War I. The results are absolutely breathtaking.

The Commercials of David Lynch

This is an exhaustive compilation. Wow.

How NASA Engineers Use Origami To Design Future Spacecraft

[self explanatory]

Pretty amazing that there are people whose job it is to fold expensive technology into very small spaces.

WORLD RECORD DOMINO CUBE – Paluten Tribute with 21,600 Dominoes

A minecraft-style cube made out of 21,600 dominoes.

The build took 32 hours, but crashes down in under 10 seconds.

And that’s what I’ve got!

I hope your Friday is wonderful.

See you next week folks.


July 13th, 2018

You did it!

Pat yourself on the back. It’s Friday!

Good Job!

And yeah sure it’s the 13th but big deal. Every day feels like the 13th am I right?

Here are some videos!

Lasvit Supernova by Petra Krausová

“Supernova” is a chandelier “installation” light sculpture that can manipulate itself into several really beautiful configurations.

It’s hard to get a sense of scale from this video but the thing is huge. (e.g.: this image)

More information here.

Lasvit has created several of these since their inception in 2007. Really beautiful work.

Sand Drawing Robot

“I finally did a test of the sand drawing robot, it worked beautifully. First time.”

What a neat little project!

Trump head squirrel feeder

[self explanatory] [?]

Crickets Chirping Slowed Down 800% (creepy)

It’s weird. I don’t find it creepy.

See also “God’s Cricket Chorus” which arranges several slowed down recordings of crickets. It sounds like a choir!

Not to be confused with this experiment which I find soothing.

Happy, Happy Friday everybody.

See you in a week.


July 6th, 2018

It’s definitely July!

And definitely Friday and time for videos.

And definitely hot!

Here we go…

“Joost Up Color” Big Spirograph In Progress by Mary Wagner

“Artist Mary Wagner draws with big Spirograph like gears that she designs and makes herself. Here she’s drawing “Joost Up Color” a multicolored figure that’s twenty inches in diameter.”

U2 – With Or Without You – Luca Stricagnoli

One man, three guitar necks, one very large arrangement.

His channel features numerous other covers.

Elegy: GTA USA Gun Homicides

Elegy: GTA USA Gun Homicides

“Elegy: GTA USA Gun Homicides is a self playing version of GTA (Grand Theft Auto.) The project is basically a game as a data visualizer – a daily reenactment of the total number of USA gun homicides since January 1st, 2018. The project works from a daily update of gun homicides as scraped from gunviolencearchive.org [http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/]”

It restarts every day at midnight. I viewed this at 2:15pm and it appeared to have been done for its day. Your mileage may vary. It depends on how quickly it gets through the list.

A weird, harrowing project.

RimbaTubes: Daft Punk Medley

“A medley of Daft Songs played on the RimbaTubes and a plethora of other instruments by my Snubby J clones!”

This took some effort. Crazy.

And: now I know what “rimbatubes” are. 🙂

Bonus Video!

The Overlook Hotel Classic Horror Mashup. AMDS Films. Movie Mashup VO

“Hello, here is my brand new mashup movie, it’s a reflection on the horror movies and novelists who officiate in this genre, including Stephen King, but it’s still distracting, I hope you’ll enjoy this new experience. :)”

Editing = interesting recontextualization.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday, everybody!

See you next week.


June 29th, 2018

Welcome to the final Friday of June 2018.

We made it! And where I live, not only is it a long weekend, but also scorchingly hot.

And now: the videos!

Paper Planes but every time there’s a gun shot it’s a musket

Note: now the song is 12 minutes long. 🙂

Making the rounds. Sent in by Alicia S.

A Brief History of Paramount Pictures

[self explanatory]

Design, Modeling and Control of Aerial Robot DRAGON

In a nutshell: mimicking the movement of a Chinese parade dragon via purely autonomous mechanical means.

It’s beautiful!

Magic For Cats

[self explanatory]

Despite the totally unnecessary top hat, I enjoyed this.

Sent in by Christine T.

Bonus Video!

G-Flip: About You

G-Flip = Georgia Flipo, a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter.

The video is quite glitchy but the work here is excellent.

There we go. Videos! And Friday! Together at last!

Have a great (long? scorching?) weekend.


June 22nd, 2018

Well well well… Friday’s back again.

Hooray! (Right?)

Video time!!

The Dirty Car Artist – Scott Wade

“Scott Wade has been called the “da Vinci of Dust,” the “Michelangelo of Mud,” but he prefers the “Dirty Car Artist.” After years of experimentation, he’s perfected the techniques he now uses to transform filthy cars into mobile art galleries.”

There is, of course, a website.

His work really is pretty good.

Hacker Breaks Down ‘Ocean’s 8’ Hacking Scenes

A pretty straightforward walk-through of the terminology and the techniques implied in the new Oceans film.

Rihanna as hacker = win.

Presented by Samy Kamkar who to date has not released or recorded a multi-week #1 single of the summer… 😉

How to make a Renaissance sugar sculpture

“Want to add some punch to your dinner parties? Or make a political statement at Sunday lunch? In this final recipe video of the Pleasant Vices series Tasha demonstrates how to make a sugar sculpture to adorn your table.”

Pretty great.

Very old cookbooks included these instructions. Plus other extravagant decorative touches like meringue swans.

People had way more time when there was no TV.

CYBORG Cyber Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure

I would go on this. What a crazy contraption!

Also: I would probably yack. But still! $15 well spent, yes?

That’s what I got. All video’d up.

Have a great weekend everybody. Summer’s here! Let’s get out there!!

See you next week.


June 15th, 2018

We’re at the halfway point of June, and the final Friday before Summer.

We can do this!

It’s also video time…

LEGO Car Factory (red car)

A mostly modular, fully automated car assembly line made completely out of Lego.


Cyclo Knitter by George Barratt-Jones

“I decided on making waiting for your train in the winter more enjoyable.

“By making a man-powered machine that creates scarfs in 5 minutes.”

Pretty great. The expressions on the peoples’ faces when they create their own scarf is kinda great.

Making-of gallery here.

KITKAT Online Factory Tour

This is actually a four part video playlist that tours the KitKat factory in Kasumigaura, Japan.

The Japanese really, really love KitKat, and make a bizarre range of flavors of them including Green Tea.

How to Make Donuts Vending Machine from Cardboard

No joke. A functional donut vending machine. Using the correct coins and everything. From cardboard.


Bonus Video!

Cat Explorer

A 3D VR demo that examines the insides of a cartoon cat.

Pretty well done! Created by Leap Motion, who have been making strides in the VR space for a while.

Note: may seem gross to some people. Your mileage may vary. Void where prohibited.

Have a lovely weekend everybody.


June 8th, 2018

It is, once again, Friday.

At last.

And it’s video time! Here we go…

Europe in March, 1939 Color Home Movies

Footage taken from a 1939 cruise on the SS Normandie. Not much else is known.

It’s super clear! Kind of amazing.

Smooth Criminal But Every Other Beat is Missing

[self explanatory]

What a weird concept. It sounds vaguely experimental. And decidedly is a “march” now.

See also Toto’s Africa with the same treatment.

Robert DeLong – Favorite Color Is Blue ft. K.Flay

An odd song but I like it, and a really glitchy, 80’s inspired video.

Well done.

shin shinrashinge

An action scene created with paper and pencil, and an iphone.

Pretty well done!

The only description text in Japanese translates to “It is a shot”. And… yeah I guess it is. 🙂

And there we go! Friday! And Videos! And Friday Videos!

Have a great, great weekend.


June 1st, 2018

Happy Friday! Happy June. Happy almost Summer.

Video time!!

KEYSCAPE – Greg Phillinganes: Electric Piano Hits!

This video is one of a series that demo keyboard emulation software made by SpectraSonics.

But this particular one features Greg Phillinganes, who has sessioned on more #1’s from the 70s, 80s and 90s than nearly anyone. His range is incredible. Plus: he’s funny.

STAR WARS 4.7: Skywalker vs Starkiller. Movie Mashup.

Combining footage from the first Star Wars and newer ones to create an epic dogfight sequence.

Editing. It’s a thing!

While Darwin Sleeps

“More than three thousand insects appear in this film each for a single frame. As the colours glow and change across their bodies and wings it seems that the genetic programme of millions of years is taking place in a few minutes.”

Beautifully shot. Meditative.

Ink – Written by Hand

“Not long ago, handwriting was taken for granted as something anyone could generally do well. Today, children are taught how to type on tablets – putting pen to paper is an afterthought.”

This is calligrapher / photographer Tanja Tiziana, from Toronto.

Hipsters and their old timey pen-and-ink skills… 😉

Beautiful work.

That’s what I’ve got.

Happy Friday folks!

Have a great weekend.


May 25th, 2017

Welcome to Friday again!

Hopefully it is seasonably warm where you are.

It’s time for Friday Videos!

Neo Hides from Lumbergh

A pretty funny mashup of The Matrix and Office Space.

A Visual History of Light

Created by The Atlantic and animated by Atthar Mirza.

A beautiful video essay on human discovery and use of light.

The 50 State Nightmares

By Neil Cicierega.

“Colorado: You find a tiny dead human body inside a vacuum bag.”

Funny / Odd, which is to be expected.

Inside A Warehouse Where Thousands Of Robots Pack Groceries

This is a real warehouse for the UK online grocer Ocado.

It’s not a super informative video but it’s fascinating (even soothing?) to watch.

Only in the UK, for now.

And that’s that!

Have a lovely weekend everybody.

See you in a week.


May 18th, 2018

Heyyyy youuuuu guyyyyyyys!

Welcome to Friday.

Video time go go go let’s go…


Bill McKlintock mashes up two massive rock hits into one… hit?

I liked it.

Sent in by Jennifer R.

History of The Universe in 13,799 Dominoes

“If you set up a row of dominoes as a timeline of history from the Big Bang to now, and had each domino represent 1 million years it would stretch over 300 meters long. I know because thats what I did for this video. The universe is very old.”

Fantastic! And pretty complicated. I wonder how many takes this took.

GoPro Hero4 in a Cannon Ball

“The Cannon Project – 7th Grade Science Fair Project. What does a girl do? Lets mount a GoPro to a Bowling Ball and send it flying. ”

Cheap video technology leads to some interesting experimentation. I love the number of high schools that have launched gopros into orbit (for example.) This is a new one though. Just great.

Note: spinning camera. Don’t hurl.

From Egg to Frog in 7 Weeks!

“The development of Wood Frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) eggs to froglets in 49 days, just 7 weeks!”

Some extremely patient camera work and editing here.

And there we go! Friday plus videos equals love, right?

Have a great Friday, and enjoy your weekend!