May 13th, 2022

Hey look it’s Friday you guys!!

And yes, it’s the 13th, which is lucky!!

And hey look! It’s video time! Hey look!

Let’s go…

Reliving the Dial-Up Internet Experience in 2020

“A video where I demonstrate the late 1990s dial-up experience using near period-accurate hardware, connecting to modern websites using outdated browsers over a 31.2kbit/s dial-up connection.”

I’m old, so I remember this being very normal for a long, long time. This also highlights just how much data modern websites – and especially ad providers – are delivering just to present a single page to you. (It’s a lot!)

Remarkable new species of deep-sea crown jelly discovered in depths of Monterey Bay

“Atolla is one of the most common residents of the ocean’s midnight zone. This deep-sea crown jelly is found worldwide and can be abundant in deep water. Its bell has a signature scarlet color and it has one tentacle that is much longer than the rest.”

Much more information here. Wow!

Tiny Teeth, Fearsome Beasts

“We’re meeting Kylie Ferguson, who found the fossilized skull of a nimravid in Badlands National Park as a third grader. The nimravid is distantly related to the saber-toothed cat – but no less ferocious. Kylie revisits the skull she found years ago and learns that it contains all the makings of a 32-million-year-old murder mystery.”

This is a preview for the PBS series “Prehistoric Road Trip”.

Imagine being that young and actually discovering a real, and rare, fossil. Amazing.

90 Year Old Ice Cream Maker Restoration

Lovingly restoring – and using – a 100 year old manual ice cream maker.

Well there we go. Videos! Friday! Done!

Thanks for watching along at home all of you.

Have an amazing weekend.


May 6th, 2022

Oh hey there Friday,

I didn’t see you there…

THE BATMAN, but with Goofy Batman

“We put original Batman into the newest Batman movie trailer.”

Yeah they did!

“Clown Parents” | My Favorite Murder Animated – Ep. 35 with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

This is part of a series of fantastic animated shorts created by Nick Terry for the podcast “My Favorite Murder”.

These are well done, and hilarious, and all of them are worth a look.

Behind the Mac: Skywalker Sound

“The scream of a TIE fighter. The Pew-Pew! of a blaster. Behind the Mac: Skywalker Sound spotlights the team of creators who collaborate to make the magic we hear onscreen.”

Definitely making the rounds but it’s good to see them shed a light on the still-innovative foley artists at Skywalker Sound and LucasFilm.

4000 hours to BUILD my DREAM CAR in 17 minutes

“This is the 17 min timelapse video of my GT40 project build. Started in 2017 and finished in 2021, this car is my goal dream ever. I shared over than 4000 hours and 4 years of work trough 70 videos.”

And he does mean: build his dream car. He fabricates the body himself. He builds the frame himself. It is insane.

Maybe not for everybody but holy COW the amount of effort this took…

Well there we go. Friday is now full of videos.

Happy Friday, and happy Weekend!

See you next Friday.


April 29th, 2022

Welcome back to Friday!

Whuhoooooo we did it.

Final April Friday video time…

Michelle Yeoh Breaks Down ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Scene with Directors | Vanity Fair

This little video is so full of complicated filmmaking information, but also immense creativity and adventurousness.

The mixture of the complexity of the film’s story (anyway!) and THEN adding Covid-19 lockdowns to the shooting schedule means they really had to improvise a lot.

Really amazing.

Guitar through modular synth sounds ridiculous

From quite popular YouTuber and accomplished musician Andrew Huang this shows the crazy range of things you can do to the sound of a guitar using various parts of a massive modular synthesizer.

I’m not sure it’s particularly “musical” but it’s… interesting.

Pachelbel train horn – Prague Main Railway Station

Exactly what it says. Pachelbel’s Canon performed by carefully edited train horns.

Want to see a quokka eat a leaf?

…Of course you do!

I hope your Friday has been happy, and calm, and positive, and I hope your weekend is lovely.

See you next week.


April 22nd, 2022

Well hello Friday folks!

It’s video tiiiiiiime!!!!

Let’s get it!

T-Pain reacting to “HOW IS PRANGENT FORMED” by J.T. Sexkik

I dunno about you but I defffffinitely needed this video this week. Holy crap. He loses his mind!!

The original is here but I believe the T-Pain reaction video is the way better choice.

I Made This Crazy Clock!

Alexandre Chappel 3d-printed a custom-designed timepiece.

It’s a lot of work, and a very clever design. Well done.

Plastic bricks in Kenya – NZAMBI MATEE – Young Champion of the Earth 2020 for Africa

Not just any bricks: these are stronger than concrete.

We certainly have enough plastic waste in the world. I sure hope this is the first of millions of ideas of how to re-use all of that.

Well done.

Strandbeest Evolution 2021

“Every spring I go to the beach with a new beast. During the summer I do all kinds of experiments with the wind, sand and water. In the fall I grew a bit wiser about how these beasts can survive the circumstances on the beach. At that point I declare them extinct and they go to the bone yard.”

Making the rounds, and for good reason.

Some magnificent creations here. So complex but also so beautiful when they’re in motion. All powered by wind. Amazing.

Well there we are. We did it! We got through the week AND we got to watch some clever videos. Nice!

Have a great weekend everybody.


April 15th, 2022

Happy Friday!

And of course in many places, today is also a holiday. Happy Easter!

It’s time for Friday Videos!

How pigeons took over the world – Elizabeth Carlen and Joanna Moles

A recent TED talk.

As usual, some interesting details are uncovered.

Sent in by Kate S.

Building a Mid Century Vinyl Record Media Cabinet / Modern Plywood Furniture

From maker and YouTuber Madebyraphael.

He makes all of this look super easy. A great little design.

Inside The Factory Kinder Joy Eggs Making Machines

Self explanatory.

Parkour Challenges On A MASSIVE Rollercoaster

This is definitely very “produced”, but the work here is still pretty cool.

This is the Erlebnispark Tripsdrill, near Cleebronn in Germany. One of the largest rollercoasters in the world.

Well happy Good Friday everybody!

I hope your weekend is long, and relaxing, and calm.

Stay safe, and see you next Friday!


April 8th, 2022

Holy cow it’s already Friday!

This week went by quickly (for me.) I hope your Friday is most excellent.

To the videos!!

Anthony Howe Fabricates a Kinetic Wind Sculpture

These are beautiful and complicated. Well done.

Flying Through Giga Berlin

“Giga Berlin” is a new Tesla factory.

Some impressive drone skills here. Crrrrazy video.

Making the rounds.

Turning a penny into a light bulb

“For this one, I’m going to be turning a copper penny, into a light bulb. The magic happens when a red hot penny, is lowered into a beaker, over some acetone.”

Do not try this at home. Interesting little experiment though!

Sent in by Alexis S.

Guess the hand shadow animal III hand shadow puppets show.

I know this sounds really basic, but this is a dying skill.

Little kids still light up when this is done well. This and some sleight of hand “magic” tricks.

And there you have it! Friday Videos!

Have an amazing weekend. See you in seven days.


April 1st, 2022

Welcome to the first Friday in April!

And where I live… it’s… it’s snowing…?!

Seems like a good time to watch some videos!

Mii Channel Theme played by 4 teleporting violists

Created cleverly by YouTube Violist Beanzo, whose channel is worth a look.

Well done.

Also this theme makes me somehow feel old.

How Silent Movie Special Effects Were Done

The answer is: “In camera”.

Some very clever achievements here.

Making Marbles

“We supply industrial marbles manufactured in China. Here is a quick tour of our factory and the marble making process. We also supply decorative marbles packaged as you request.”

From the Sino Sales factory in Ningbo, China.

Gold Bronze Metallic Paint To Sample 911 GT3 Timelapse

This video is poorly titled. It should literally instead be “Porsche 911 Complete Build Time Lapse”

You can watch the entire build process of a full size Porsche (several hours) in only four minutes.

Well done.

Well there we go! Friday videos achievement unlocked!

Have a fantastic weeekend everybody. See you next Friday.


March 25th, 2022

Hey look, it’s Friday!

It’s the last one in March 2022. I can’t believe that went by so quickly. (For me at least.)

It’s video time!

Playing Darts

Or, I guess, attempting to…

This feels like a Mr. Bean “POV” video.

Funny! Well done.

Succession But It’s Arrested Development

Making the rounds and quite good.

How To Befriend A Crow

“In this video I want to show you how to make friends with a wild crow in 4 steps. All you need is some food and patience.”

Note: they can become quite attached!

John Warnock Introduces Adobe Illustrator in 1987


This demo is being done on an original Macintosh computer.

It’s easy to forget how old some super-common software is now. I first used Excel in 1983 on a Tandy model 100. Crrrrrazy.

Ta-daaaaa! Friday Videos!

I hope your weekend is fantastic.

Stay safe! See you next Friday.


March 18th, 2022

Welcome back, Friday people.

We did it! Another week, and that included the switch to Daylight Saving Time. (Hopefully for the second-last time, where I live.)

It’s video time! Let’s take a look!

The Book of Ice Cream – Chapter 1 (An Auralnauts Star Wars Story)

Auralnauts are excellent at repurposing Star Wars content.

Well done.

Making the rounds, and deservedly so.

Mr Bean in Half-Life 2 Episode Two

A pretty great little mashup / montage from YouTuber “eli_handle_b·wav” who appears to enjoy placing other characters into Half Life 2 as well.

Well done.

365 Days Mushroom Growth Time Lapse | Another Perspective

“Hundreds of hours of filming, photographing and editing. After one year of filming macro time lapse of 9 different types of fungi I grew in my basement, I finally finished this project pressing 5TB of image data into a 3 minute time lapse video.”

This is really beautiful.

UK Lottery Simulator Playing the Lottery 1,000 times per second

Literally showing you the genuine odds of winning at all.

Virtually the exact same for any other lottery in the world.

Well there we go. Your Friday is now full of videos.

Have a lovely Friday, and an amazing weekend.

See you next week!


March 11th, 2022

Happy Friday!

It’s the second anniversary of the declaration of the covid-19 pandemic.

I hope you’re all doing as well as possible. Where I live, things are slowly reopening.

And now it’s video time!

Putin’s oligarchs & the London Laundromat

“Buckle up. Come on a tour of London with a difference and find out how Putin’s oligarchs hide and spend their money in the capital. Money-laundering expert Oliver Bullough is your guide”

The real problem is just an utter lack of real forward motion when it comes to law enforcement spending and enforcement.

This could literally be any major city in any western country, just that London appears to be an epicenter.

Seth Rogen & Nick Offerman Test Crafting Gadgets | WIRED

“Nick Offerman is as well known for his craftwork as he is for acting, and Seth Rogen’s pottery skills are next-level. So, who better than them to step in as WIRED correspondents* for a day and review a gaggle of crafting gadgets.”

I will admit: not a pairing I expected, and they work pretty well together.

Also: Nick Offerman has shaved (!)

108 Rare and Bizarre Media Types

From YouTuber “The 8-Bit Guy”, who has a significant following.

I don’t really like his delivery but wow this is a crazy array of media and data storage methods.

Nerdy. Yes.

Pockit: A tiny, powerful, modular computer (2022 demo)

“A demo of modular electronics with Pockit as of early 2022, after several upgrades in the recent months based on everyone’s feedback.”

Much more info on their website.

A pretty educational little setup. I like it!

Your Friday is now full of videos.

Have a great weekend everybody.