August 23rd, 2019

Heyooooo: Friday!

This month is just racing right along, huh?

How’s about some videos?

Star Wars: A.I. Explains What “A New Hope” is ACTUALLY About

“What happens when a computer watches #StarWars and tries to explain it? Something like this….”

“C-3PO takes a bath while a teenager plays with his toys the boy wastes time.”

Not real “A.I.”, but in some ways not far off from that kind of result.

Nigerian teens make sci-fi films with smartphones

“Using a smartphone and a tripod made from a broken microphone stand, they start. A blower generates air and buffets the actor who, in the film, will be flying through the air.”

The final result looks like this. Pretty impressive!

h/t: kottke

„SAY_SUPERSTRINGS“ / A Real-Time Generative Installation Performance Of Electrical Activity In The Musician’s Brain!

“Ouchhh created a cognitive performance that we generated real-time brain waves at the Deep Space with the South Korean/German trio. At a concert which we visualized the changes in brain wave activities in real-time, we transformed the Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma brain waves into a real-time concert experience that is wrapped around by generating the data about emotion, focus & attention, some auditory and neural mechanisms with electroencephalogram (EEG).”

A complicated piece of technical art.

Much more information here.

Kind of Blue 60th Anniversary

“In 1959, Miles Davis went to Columbia Records in Manhattan to forge a new style of music improvisation. With the company of other legendary musicians, like John Coltrane and Bill Evans, Kind of Blue was recorded; the greatest selling jazz album of all time.”

Not even my favorite Miles Davis album, but obviously still great.

Bonus Video!

Shenzhen: City of the Future | Aerial Tour of Shenzhen China

[self explanatory]

I heart stabilized drone photography.

That about wraps it up for this warm, fabulous Friday everybody.

Have a great weekend!


August 16th, 2019

Hey Friday what’s up?

Guess what time it is…

It’s video time!

Here we go…

Cnc engraving on brass

Created by Phuc Nguyen. This appears to be a medallion-sized piece of metal (~5 inches in diameter.)

He doesn’t have too many videos, but he’s on to something.


“Kathryn Engberg (25), the third generation artist in her family, was exposed to art from a very young age. Watching her mother and grandmother paint and spending time in their respective studios was a regular and natural part of her childhood.”

Her work is really outstanding.

How Film Gets Processed

This is a quick video touring the Richard Photo Lab in Valencia, CA.

I still shoot film.

Stephen King’s CATS (Trailer Mashup)

Even Stephen King himself retweeted this video. Amazing.

And there go our Friday Videos for this week.

Have a great, warm, safe, relaxing Friday everybody.

See you next Friday!


August 9th, 2019

Well hello Friday people!

It’s Friday Video fun times!!

New York frozen with 960fps Super Slow Motion

“Made using the Galaxy S10 super slow mo feature.”

That’s pretty great. I had no idea that was a thing.


Created by Mike Pelletier

In this animation he creates a large number of 3d human models, removes all bone structure from them, and throws them into each other.

It looks frantic and weird.

His website features many more of these experiments.

Making the rounds.

Jakarta Joy (4k – Time lapse – Tilt Shift)

By Berlin-based photography Joerg Daiber, aka: Spoonfilm.


Beastie Boys | Sabotage | Sesame Street Mashup

“Mashup of the cast of Sesame Street reenacting “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys.”

Footage mostly from the movie “Follow That Bird”.

Excellently done.

There we go! Ta daaaa!

See you next week everybody.


August 2nd, 2019

Welcome to Friday everybody!

And now it’s August, fyi. Just like that. Boom!

And where I live, it’s a long weekend. Yaaaaaaay!

Video time…

the Comet

“2017 Esa released over 400000 images from Rosettas comet mission.

“Based on these material Motion Designer Christian Stangl and Composer Wolfgang Stangl worked together to create this shortfilm.

“The sequences are digitally enhanced real-footage from the probe.”

This is hypnotic. Really beautifully rendered.

Also: what an era of exploration we are in right now.

Sony Wearable Air Conditioner – “The CoolMan”

Actual product name (in Japan) is “Reon Pocket”.

It involves a specially designed shirt into which the device gets inserted. In hot weather, it cools you. Vice versa for cold weather.

Expected to be released in mid-2020.

Super interesting!

Freequences – Alexandre DUBOSC

“Caketrope animation”

This took three months to achieve!

More information on his website.

Have a lovely Friday everybody!


July 26th, 2019

Hellooooo Friday people!

It’s time…

Boomhauer w/ dang ol’ drums

“This was a lot of fun to work out. Hope you like!”

Performed by David Dockery, who is exceptional at arranging dialogue from TV shows into complicated drum performances.

The Japanese Tradition – Chopsticks

Not what it appears to be. Funny!

Sent along by Ean B.

Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.

“Bob Ross painted more than 1,000 landscapes for his television show — so why are they so hard to find? Solving one of the internet’s favorite little mysteries.”

A New York Times short documentary.

Learning to Appreciate Joel Schumacher’s Batman

“For 20 years Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies have been considered cinematic travesties. Abominations, In the words of George Clooney, the movies that killed the Batman franchise. But what if I told you that they’re not actually that bad?”

YouTuber Patrick (H) Willems dissects this long-standing opinion. It’s worth a look.

Note: large sponsorship diversion included. Not my fault.

And that’s this week’s Friday Videos! Huzzah!

Have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend.


July 19th, 2019

Happy Friday everybody!

Vanity Fair: Tom Kenny (SpongeBob) Improvises 5 New Cartoon Voices

“Watch as Tom Kenny seamlessly improvises 5 random cartoon characters that he has never seen before.”

Tom Kenny, most notable for voicing Spongebob Squarepants, but also previously from Mr. Show. The man is a gem.

My Hyper Day

“Last summer I’ve learned advanced hyperlapse method. It’s kind of my technical demo of what can be achieved only with a tripod.”

A uniquely shot video. I love it.

“Unpickable” Europa Disc Padlock Picked FAST (Model P-370)

It turns out Youtube is a veritable gold mine of lockpicking videos. Huh! Interesting…

I made the worst ever 1-1 remake in Mario Maker 2

Making the rounds. Gives me a stomach ache. Yikes.

Well that concludes this week’s Friday Videos.

See you next week everybody!


July 12th, 2019

Holy Gebus look at that: It’s FRIDAY!

So fast. And where I am: it’s hot!

Let’s get going…

Pizza Hut Training Video 1988

“***I was the single camera operator for this instructional video series from 1987-88, that was produced in a Chicagoland area, industrial test kitchen for Pizza Hut/PepsiCo.. Original recording on 3/4 inch U-Matic videotape.”

This is gold.

See also: First Betamax – Salesman Training Video 1977 (Making the rounds.)

We made all 78 Breath of the Wild recipes in one day

As in: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

“Link needs to eat in order to gain hearts, but are his recipes any good? Brian David Gilbert teams up with Eater’s Adam Moussa to discover which of Breath of the Wild’s 78 recipes are tasty and how many hearts they should actually restore.”

Note: nearly 32 minutes, but entertaining. Yikes!

The World’s Most Popular Algorithm: SHA 256 and Bitcoin

“No one on Earth knows how to reverse the SHA-256 hash function. Yet it’s really easy to compute one-way. You could make billions of dollars if you solved this mathematics problem.”

Welll….. “billions” of dollars if you knew how to make bitcoin liquid. Still!

Let’s wait four more years and see if Quantum computing has any effect on this.

The Problem Solving of Filmmaking

“A short video expanding on something I talk about on the Shazam commentary track (Shazam is now available on digital and if you buy the iTunes version you get a commentary track along with the other extras).”

Created by David F. Sandberg.

And there we go!

Thanks for playing along at home everybody.

See you in a week.


July 5th, 2019

Welcome back everybody!

Let’s get to the videos – go go GO!!!

The Internet As It Was In 1996

“Transferred from a VHS video tape, this 1996 video shows how to use a PC and how to use the PC to access the new ‘world wide web.'”

Moon Mini-Rover Engineer

“After a decades-long lull, interest in the moon is back — this time led by startups, including Tokyo-based ispace Inc., which is hoping to land two of its miniature rovers on the lunar surface in 2021.”

Such an interesting array of private interests doing this work. I find it interesting.

Saul Bass’s Movie Posters

[self explanatory]

Presented in poster orientation too.

The Brain and You

“…Host Perry Reed discusses the mental health of the president and the Dunning-Kruger effect, the psychology of people who lack the self-awareness to see their own lack of self-awareness.”

This is also a podcast. Interesting!

And that’s what I’ve got this week.

Enjoy your (possibly very hot) weekend!


June 28th, 2019


So glad it’s here again. Phew. And it’s HOT outside!

Let’s begin…

Looney Tunes Cartoons: Dynamite Dance

This is a new (!) cartoon from Warner Bros.

It’s short, it’s fast, and it’s utterly insane.


Visual Engineering – How Commercials Are Made

“Visual Engineering, is the marriage between photography, cinematography, and cutting edge modern technologies, in order to create never-before seen imagery.”

I went down a rabbit hole this past weekend after seeing an Instagram post from Steve Giralt. Which in turn led me to this video.

And as of today these are everywhere, so I’m definitely not the only one. 🙂

The weird, extremely precise inventions that this guy makes to shoot a single shot for a 30 second spot are frankly mind-blowing.

Dubai Creek Tower: Building the World’s Tallest Structure

“Rising to a height of 1.3 kilometres, Dubai Creek Tower is set to become the tallest man-made structure in history.”

Kilometres! Yikes.

Sent in by Tia T.

Surgical Resident Breaks Down 36 More Medical Scenes From Film & TV

[self explanatory]

Some really good descriptions here. Interesting

Also: she’s funny!

And so there we are! Friday, with Videos. Friday Videos!

Have an excellent (long?) weekend.


June 21st, 2019

Let’s hear it for Fridaaaaay!

Yeeeeeeah. And Summer (where I live.) And warm weather finally (where I live.)

And now: some videos (where I li– you get it!)

How Air Traffic Control Works

[self explanatory]

Still among the most stressful daily jobs on earth.

A Year Along the Geostationary Orbit

“A year through the distant eyes of meteorological satellite Himawari-8 – a hypnotic stream of Earth’s beauty, fragility and disasters.”

Cleverly realized by Felix Dierich.

How This Guy Makes Amazing Mechanical Mirrors

“Interactive artist Daniel Rozin makes mechanical “mirrors” out of uncommon objects that mimic the viewer’s movements and form.”

More on his website. Very cool work here.

Making the rounds. I like it.

Gideon Irving – Woke Up Looking

“This video does not use CGI or green screen.”

“Find out how we did it here.”

Crazy execution! I love it. (The song I’m kinda “meh” about but still…)

Sent in by Ashy T.

Have a lovely longest Friday of the year! And a fantastic weekend.

See you next Friday.